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Monday, June 09, 2008

Somebody is hurting tonight-

Though the meds seem to be keeping him pretty comfortable when we visited tonight.

My buddy Loc's son, Tom crashed his bullet bike motorcycle yesterday afternoon. He's laid up in the hospital for the 2nd night tonight with a concussion, a cracked collar bone, a bruised lung and scrapes and rashes over his legs.

Tom's a new rider, he just started early this spring, first with a 600cc bullet bike of some brand. Just a week or two ago he upgraded to a 1000cc bike and that is the one he crashed yesterday. He was on a popular motorcycle road, Trapper's Loop and somehow he crashed. I'm guessing he had the bike laid over for a sharp curve and couldn't respond to sand on the pavement. Anyway, he crashed and he's pretty beat up tonight.

His mom is telling him that he's not ever having another motorcycle, but that's what moms do. She has been pretty unhappy with his purchase from the beginning and this incident did nothing to reassure her. No big surprise there.

Anyway, Tom's a good guy and I'm sorry he's hurting and gets better real soon. There's lots of time for him to decide if he gets back on a motorcycle again.

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